August 2023 - Creekside Arts turns 2! Welcome new artists, Art 21, Natalie Craig art show, Writers group

Creekside Arts turns 2 !

Creekside Arts turned two years old on July 15th! We are celebrating a year of growth for Creekside Arts, full of beautiful connections between artists and community, and many multi-media arts and performance offerings.

In the last year, we hosted a spring and fall Residency Program, welcomed the No Goodbyes Here for a summer residency reunion, and hosted a handful of self-guided residencies. We participated in North Coast Open Studios and held artist showings and artist panels. We hosted a spring garden mixer, musical performances, a book reading, and an environmental arts workshop. Creekside Arts brought Art21 film screening and discussion to The Sanctuary in Arcata.

We welcomed many new members to Creekside Arts and offered a members-only winter poetry series.

We added an art gallery and a new living space to the Creekside Arts grounds!

In the coming year, we look forward to seeing you at our arts and performance events!

Art 21 Screening

Creekside Arts in collaboration with the Creative Sanctuary invites you to join us for a free screening of “Bodies of Knowledge” from @art21’s acclaimed PBS series, “Art in the Twenty-First Century” as part of the Art21 Screening Society. 

August 24th at 7 pm
The creative Sanctuary
1301 J Street, Arcata

RSVP (free):

Featuring Guerrilla Girls, Anicka Yi, Tauba Auerbach, and Hank Willis Thomas. The artists in this hour pilot new ways to understand ourselves and the world at a time when a belief in truth and the historical record is fast eroding.

This event was produced in collaboration with @Art21, a nonprofit dedicated to creating and presenting thought-provoking and sophisticated contact about contemporary art.


Our current artists in residence

Wendy Lewis

 As a multidisciplinary artist, Wendy uses mixed media to create kinetic fountains, installations, drawings, and paintings. These materials are subverted into political and social commentary, personal issues, and narrative. Recently, She is transforming unused Covid masks with natural materials to suggest the healing power of nature. She plans to continue working on this series by incorporating materials she finds on site at Creekside Arts. These materials will guide the development of her work.

Casey Haskins

     Casey teaches philosophy of art and environmental philosophy in the Department of Philosophy and Critical Thought at Purchase College (SUNY).He is also a jazz musician. While at Creekside, he will work on a writing project which addresses the complex impact of AI on music. More exactly, it addresses how the emerging generation of musical LLM’s (large-language models) promise to bring new kinds of creativity to our still human-dominated musical ecosystem even while they may  pose new threats to certain traditions of valuing works and performances of music as products of fully embodied human skill and intelligence.

Writers Group

Starting September, 2023

Ever considered joining a writers’ group?

Starting September 2023, Creekside Arts would like to start its own Writers Group. The group will be facilitated by Creekside Arts’ retired theatre and film professor John Heckel and meet on Creekside Arts grounds.

Poetry—Plays—Short Story—Novel—Screenplay—Memoir

The group will be open to writers of all kinds. Prerequisites are: a love of language, and a belief in the benefits of creative collaboration and the creative power of performance.

To start this process, we would like your feedback.

  • Are you interested?
  • What has worked well for you in other writers’ groups?
  • How large or small should the group be?
  • How often should it meet and for how long

In short, send us your ideas, based on your experiences, of what works and what does not.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

John Heckel

Recent Events

No Good-Byes Here

The “No Good-byes Here” cohort and self-guided artist in residence, Moe Wakai, were intensely focused on their work.  By the end of their residency, all of them had met their goals, culminating their stay with readings, a show of their art, and an art talk. They left with portraits, manuscripts and applications completed, and enough stunning art pieces to fill a gallery.

Congratulations to Andie Aylworth, Hayden Casey, Rhombie Sandoval, Ashaki Jackson, and Moe Wakai!

Lucy’s workshop

From Lucy Wright Rivers’ Environmental Art Workshop


Natalie Craig Exhibit

We had an impressive turn-out for Natalie Craig’s show and art talk at Atelier-Galerie Marceau Verdiere, Creekside Arts, Sunday, July 30. 

Ukulele Dan

We had great fun listening to Dan Rivers spin tales with his Uke.

Self-guided residencies and retreats

Creekside Arts’ self guided residencies offer a unique opportunity to reflect, create and explore in an inspiring setting among the Redwoods of Northern California. Preference will be given to applications that demonstrate a project focus on what is dear to our community: Land, place, community, nature, climate, education, and social and political consciousness.

Join Creekside Arts

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Creekside Arts is  designed and created to bring together artistic residencies, workshops and performances. Our goal is to create an environment in which creative artists and audiences interact in a positive and structured way to learn from and inform each other and then bring that learning into the larger Humboldt community. To that end Creekside Arts is committed to equity and welcomes people from diverse cultures, backgrounds and experiences.