January 2024 - Happy New Year, Spring Residencies, Writers Group, Fiber Arts Scholarship

(Left to Right) Marceau Verdiere, Tanya Bullwinkle, Calder Bullwinkle, Janet Patterson,  John Heckel. (Bottom Row) Joey McCutchan and Rich McCutchan. (Not pictured: Rebecca Simone).       

Happy New Year and a reflection

As I look back on 2023, I have some very complicated feelings. The year has been good for me personally, but I know and feel that the reality for far too many around the world has been drastically different to say the least. We also face an election year which in the US has an ever-increasing tendency to bring out the worst in some…So what can I wish for? I wish for new encounters with humans from around the world – while I travel or here at Creekside arts with our resident artists. I wish for conversation, dialogue, and ideas to be exchanged, I wish for us to see each other, appreciate our differences and enrich ourselves with new perspectives. But mostly I wish for new friendships and lots of smiles at each other. I hope that we all hope for peace. 

— Marceau Verdiere

Our current artist in residence
Kaari Wallerich

Kaari Wallerich (she/her) will be coming from Seattle for a Self-Guided Residency.

Artist Statement/Bio
I am a painter in traditional media using oil on canvas, and charcoal or graphite on paper. I find peace and beauty in the everyday. Nature is a fantastic source of constant inspiration. I very much enjoy the intellectual engagement that creating provides. My portfolio includes work that is disciplined, realistic and ethereal. I am influenced by abstract female artists such as Joan Mitchell and Elaine De Kooning as well as classical painters including Rembrandt and Artemisia Gentileschi. I am inspired by classic painting in the European tradition. Having travelled a great deal as a child, mostly in Europe, my influences as an artist began when I was quite young. Brush stroke, color and value are important components in my work. I enjoy landscape painting, portraiture and simple interior settings that reflect one’s life.
Statement of Intent/Residency Goals
I am continually inspired creatively by a natural setting. To be a part of this immersive, self guided residency at Creekside Arts would be an absolute joy and honor. As a former resident of Northern California, I know firsthand the enormous beauty this area offers. If given the opportunity, I would commit myself fully to this artistic experience. Further, evening gatherings would greatly promote the creative atmosphere in such a positive environment. Connecting with other artists will encourage creative growth beyond measure. My intention is to embrace this special opportunity to unplug, reflect and focus entirely on my paintings.

Instagram: @kwegirl

Coming in May
EXIT Theater

Creekside Arts is proud to announce another collaboration with Exit Theatre in Arcata. This spring during the month of May Creekside Arts will present two classic Edward Albee plays at Exit Theatre. The American Dream and Zoo Story will make for an exciting evening of thought provoking theatre. Mark your calendar now for a weekend in May. Remember Exit Theatre has limited seating so when tickets go on sale purchase yours.

Writers Group

Creekside Arts Writer’s Group meets every two weeks. The sharing of good writing, whether it be poetry, short story or the novel, is their goal. Sharing good conversation and good food is a welcomed bonus.

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Creekside Arts is  designed and created to bring together artistic residencies, workshops and performances. Our goal is to create an environment in which creative artists and audiences interact in a positive and structured way to learn from and inform each other and then bring that learning into the larger Humboldt community. To that end Creekside Arts is committed to equity and welcomes people from diverse cultures, backgrounds and experiences.