March 2023 - Introducing two of our next resident artists, BAM artist group, Environmental Art Workshop

Rick Gradone

Rick Gradone is a queer, 52-year-old painter working in Oakland, Ca. Functioning at intersection the of religion and geology, his work imagines a new inclusive, futuristic religion based on a unified view of the earth. By using common rocks from places all over the world as the symbols of this religion, he creates a singular iconography based on the earth in its most stable form. With thousands to millions of years in the making, rocks tell the history of the earth in a snapshot of form in the present. As a focus of meditation, they reveal our place in time. Structured as studies for shrines and monuments, his rock paintings imagine spaces of worship and contemplation for all beings and suggest that revelation about this relationship has the power to create a new human responsibility to each other and to the planet. Website: Instagram: @rickgradoneprojects

Clementine Wright

Clementine Wright is a ceramics, glass and mixed media artist currently residing in Boise, Idaho. She received her BFA in Ceramics from California State University Fullerton in 2016 and her MFA at Boise State University in Studio Art in 2021.

Her ceramic and mixed media work focuses on the materials and natural forces of degradation and ephemerality in nature and in human interaction as it relates to cycles of birth and death. She has shown in galleries nationally and won first place for her work entitled “Caught” residing in the CSUF permanent collection. She won the Graduate College award at BSU in 2019 for her installation “Hive”. Her work was recently selected for the Idaho Triennial at the Boise Art Museum. Her solo show Metamorphosis was on view this past summer at Delia Dante Gallery, Boise Idaho. You can see her work here:

. She teaches art within the community of Boise and the City of Boise working with Veterans, Seniors, Disabled Adults, and the Teen/Adult adaptive program, as well as Adjunct Professor of Sculpture/ 3-D design at the College of Western Idaho.

Contact for purchase.

Instagram @clementine_zen_clay

Because Art Matters

BAM: Because Art Matters

   Imagine a cozy gathering of brilliant minds, passionate about the arts, sipping wine and sharing their unique perspective on creativity. That’s B.A.M., ( because art matters)  a group of multidisciplinary artists who gather monthly for deep and thought-provoking discussions on various creative topics, from exploring the depths of the creative imagination to examining the impact of the state of the world on art. With diverse backgrounds, each meeting is a chance to broaden artistic horizons and gain fresh insights. Join our creative collective if you’re an artist seeking inspiration and community to enrich our collective wisdom and reach new heights in our own artistic endeavors.

Sound intriguing? We meet on the second Thursday of the month at 6:00 PM 

Contact: Richard McCutchan or Marceau Verdiere

Environmental Art Workshop

The Environmental Art Workshop with Lucy Wright Rivers is coming back on July 8 by popular demand!

Ukulele Dan is coming too!


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