November 2023 - New Guest Quarters, Remembering Bernadette, Letter from Marceau, Spring Residency

Calder's latest creation: a house in teh redwoods for guest artists

Remembering Bernadette

The Humboldt County theatre community and Creekside Arts will miss Bernadette Cheyne. Bernie passed away last week. The creative and artistic contributions she made to the local theatre community were both generous and meaningful.

Bernie was one of the founding Contributing Artists and Members of Creekside Arts. Our hearts go out to her family, and to her  many friends and colleagues. All of us here at Creekside will miss her spirit, strength and passion.

She was one fantastic actor! We are all ever so grateful for having been able to work with her.

Bernie, you will be missed

A letter from Marceau Verdiere

Dear friends of Creekside Arts! It’s Marceau here. As some of you know I have left Humboldt for a bit, and I wanted to share some of our artistic adventure in Europe this fall and early winter. Nicole, my life partner and a translator of ancient Tibetan and Sanskrit texts, and I embarked on this experience together. October was a pivotal month for us as we attended two wonderful artist residency programs in Italy, immersing ourselves in a blend of creative exploration, cultural immersion, and enriching experiences. Firstly, we attended La Macina di San Cresci: A Haven of Artistic Inspiration in Tuscany.

Run by two formidable humans, Mimma and Duccio, and nestled amidst rolling vineyards, and ancient olive groves, and housed in an old church and olive oil mill, this artist’s residency became our haven of artistic inspiration.  I set up my studio in an old arched stone wine cellar, a stark contrast to my studio back home in freshwater.

Here, amidst an almost too-perfect Tuscan countryside ( it was like a postcard…), Nicole and I delved deep into our creative processes. We were surrounded by a diverse community of artists from around the world with whom we shared ideas, techniques, and stories, and had spirited conversations deep in the evenings around a table always rich in food and wine. This sense of global artistic camaraderie at La Macina di San Cresci mirrored the spirit of Creekside Art’s residences.

Then we settled at Arte Studio Ginestrelle: An artist retreat in Medieval Assisi run by Marina Merli. The second half of October was in the heart of Assisi, where Catholicism profoundly influences daily life. In this much more intimate, almost monastic space, I adapted to a smaller workspace to create small paintings on paper, while Nicole worked diligently on her challenging texts. The rhythmic sounds of the bustling streets and church bells were the soundtrack to our days, and our evenings were our time to wander the maze-like streets of this beautiful ancient town, leading us to many concerts in the churches as our stay coincided with the Assisi Pax Mundi choir festival.
During our time in Italy, Nicole and I had the privilege of sharing our work with Italian audiences. My paintings, inspired by the old stones and autumnal beauty, resonated easily with the locals while Nicole’s translations of ancient Tibetan and Sanskrit texts fascinated our audience, drawing parallels with Italy’s rich spiritual heritage.
What made our month so meaningful was the rich tapestry of Italian culture that enveloped us. Italy’s simplicity exuded a profound sense of joy and enriched our lives in many unexpected ways. Nicole and I reflected on our Italian odyssey with deep gratitude. We left Italy with a newfound appreciation for life, having forged meaningful connections and friendships. This journey was more than just an exploration of art; it was a profound cultural enrichment, showcasing the power of creativity to transcend boundaries and connect souls. We fell in love with the country. I think I understand what La Dolce Vita could be.. Now, I find myself in France, preparing for my upcoming exhibit, “Reverie dilettantes,” at Galerie Coin de Ciel, opening on November 13th. My dear friend and fellow artist from Humboldt, Daniel Frachon, has graciously lent some of his sculptures to accompany my work, enriching the exhibition further. Here’s to art, love, and the boundless wonders of the world! Ciao! Marceau Verdiere: Artist, educator, member of Creekside Arts Collective

Spring Residency
Application Now Open

CREEKSIDE ARTS offers an Artist-in-Residence Program that is a unique opportunity to reflect, create and explore in an inspiring setting among the Redwoods of Northern California. Preference will be given to applications that demonstrate a project focus on what is dear to our community: Land, place, community, nature, climate, education, and social and political consciousness.
Residencies include a community engagement project, and conclude with a creative interaction/showing with the larger Humboldt County community.
The three-week residency is $1500 per participant. The fee covers lodging and studio workspace. It includes a welcome dinner, a farewell dinner, and several dinner/events throughout the residency (films and discussions, community outreach to local artists, and creative experiences). Artists are responsible for transportation to and from our residency, and meals outside of the welcome and farewell dinner. Artists are responsible for their own creative materials. The residency will help with locating art supplies as needed.

Application deadline:  02-15-24
Residency starts: 05-18-2024
Residency ends: 06-10-2024
For more info go to Creekside Arts Residency

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