Residency Alumni

The residency provides a unique opportunity to support developing and established artists in an inspiring setting among the Redwoods of Northern California.

Past residencies:

Ashaki Jackson

Dr. Ashaki M. Jackson is the author of two chapter-length collections, Language Lesson (Miel, 2016) and Surveillance (Writ Large Press, 2016). Readers may find her poetry and essays in Obsidian, 7×7 LA, CURA, Prairie Schooner, Midnight Breakfast, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, Bettering American Poetry, among other publications. She currently serves as Executive Editor at The Offing literary magazine. She earned her MFA (poetry) from Antioch University Los Angeles and her doctorate (social psychology) from Claremont Graduate University.


Jon Fischer

Jon Fischer is a San Francisco-based print-maker who also works in collaboration with other artists in video, installation, and sound. Born in California and raised in Pennsylvania by parents who were Jewish refugees from Morocco and Poland, Jon studied bioengineering and philosophy of science before his permanent return West, where he built an art practice based on his cross disciplinary background in drawing, science, and fabrication. He learned to screen print at CELLspace, the celebrated San Francisco arts warehouse (R.I.P.), worked at the Exploratorium in fabrication and education, and earned a degree in mechanical engineering from U.C. Berkeley, where he repurposed a 1200-pound factory assembly robot to assist orthopedic surgeons manipulating the human elbow joint. He’s operated a studio in the Mission District of San Francisco since 2005 and works as a professor of engineering technology at California State University Maritime Academy, the only maritime academy on the West Coast.

Instagram: @feather2pixels

Andie Aylsworth

Andie Aylsworth Andie Aylsworth is a London-based multidisciplinary installation artist. Born in Miami, Florida, and raised by an Ecuadorian mother and English/Venezuelan father, Aylsworth learned a deep respect for nature from an early age, growing up in an urban landscape nestled between the vast natural beauty of the Everglades to the west and the Atlantic coast to the east. As a result of her upbringing, Aylsworth infuses her art practice with environmental curiosity. At the center of her work is a fascination with humankind’s relationship with the injured environment and she takes inspiration from the cohesion found between nature and humanity in indigenous cultures, especially her own as a descendent of the Quechua people of present-day Ecuador. Aylsworth is currently studying at Central Saint Martins College, London, where she has been exposed to new modes of making such as welding and different textile practices. She also works with International Curators Forum as a curation and installation assistant, working with different artists and artworks based on the diasporic experience. She has exhibited work internationally at institutions including Tate Collective, the National Gallery, and LUVA Gallery. Website: Instagram:

Hayden Casey

Hayden Casey is a writer, musician, and MFA candidate at Arizona State University. His fiction has appeared in Witness and Bat City Review. His music is available at

Rhombie Sandoval

Rhombie Sandoval  is a photographer and storyteller currently residing in Southern California. Her entry into photography started after receiving a camera as a gift from the Make A Wish Foundation, a gesture arranged on her behalf due to being born with heart disease. With the camera, Sandoval realized she could navigate her shyness and connect with people using the camera as a tool to understand various vantage points, searching for and highlighting the common themes linked to one’s identity and location. Sandoval later studied Photography at Art Center College of Design. She is also the founder of Anywhere Blvd, a platform which features portrait photographers by promoting the narratives of their subjects.

Instagram: @rhombie
LinkedIn: rhombie-sandoval
Curating Anywhere Blvd

Lisa Shen

Lisa Shen is a Chinese-Canadian writer and spoken word artist based in Toronto, Canada. Her work centers on gender-based violence and disability rights. Lisa is the first place winner of the 2021 Mississauga Poetry Slam, and a Speaker at the TEDx McMasterU 2022 conference. She is also the winner of the May Open Drawer Poetry Contest by Britta Badour. She has performed at several arts festivals, including the JAYU Human Rights Film Festival and Humainologie Short Story Festival. As a passionate teacher, Lisa has created and instructed debate classes for youth. She is passionate about bringing the joys of spoken word into classrooms through workshops and showcases.

Imani Mixon

Imani Mixon was born and raised at the magnetic center of the world’s cultural compass — Detroit, Michigan. She is a long-form storyteller who is inspired by everyday griots who bear witness to their surroundings and report it back out. Equal parts urgent and essential, her multimedia work centers the experiences of Black women and independent artists. Attending the Creekside Artist Residency will mark her transition into fiction. Website:  IMANIMIXON.COM

Adelle Patten

To Adelle Patten, each painting is a window into her perceived reality. Based in Washington, DC, Patten’s work explores the omnipresence of natural and digital entities which define the 21st century’s virtual consciousness, or our collective digital awareness. Inverted colors and abrupt edge relationships embedded in organic imagery represent the coalescence of two realities: the analogue and the digital. Her multi-layered paintings involve visceral applications of acrylic paint, oil paint, spray paint and loose pigment. Patten held a solo exhibition, ‘Coalescing Realities’, at the Van Every Smith Gallery in Davidson, North Carolina and received her BA in Studio Art from Davidson College in the spring of 2021.

Instagram: @grateful.artist

Julia Synneve

Julia Synneve says, “I’m an environmentalist and believe in bringing art and science together to promote important messages to the world. Art is a great way to communicate ideas in a fresh context – a way to “break the ice” and educate viewers without having to read data sheets and textbooks; offering new perspectives to contemplate, debate, and inspire. My goal is to capture different aspects of nature, ecology, philosophy and psychology and encourage a craving to pursue these subjects further. The more we learn about ecology and nature, the more likely we are to care for its survival. The more we explore the realm of the psyche, the better we understand ourselves as individuals and how we relate to the world around us. Website:

Brittany Bradley

Brittany R. Bradley is an award-winning alternative process photographer and an established museum and gallery professional. Her work has been featured in group exhibits at the Center for Photographic Art, the San Francisco Arts Commission, Photos De Femmes, the Rhode Island Center for Photographic Arts, and the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival. As a museum collections registrar, Bradley has worked with the collections of renowned photographers including Andrew J. Russell, Dorothea Lange, Anne Brigman, and Joanne Lenoard. She studied photography with Nigel Poor and Doublas Dertinger at Sacramento State University, and she holds a B.A. in Photography. She studied the wet-plate collodion process with France Scully Osterman in Rochester, New York, and with David Emitt Adams and Claire A. Warden in Benabbio, Italy. Bradley uses a mobile darkroom to bring collodion photography to the public via demonstrations and artist talks.


Daisy Kew

Daisy Kew is a queer, Welsh and Indigenous artistborn and raised in the Inland Empire. They have been practicing for the last four years exploring photography, painting, video production, and ceramics. They are a recent graduate of the BFA program at California State University, San Bernadino. As a multidisciplinary, they are interested in the relationship between people, their bodies, and the land as well as the way that exploring those concepts through various, and a combination of mediums can change the illustration of those relationships.





Why come to Humboldt to explore art? Of the 58 counties throughout California, Humboldt County boasts more artists per capita than anywhere in the state. In this community uninterested in consumerism or corporatism, nature is the teacher. Humans live around  giant redwoods, wildlife,  the ocean and the rivers.

Attend workshops in a warm, casual setting offering a chance to learn about yourself in the reflections of others.