September 2022 - Meet the artists, Beckett's "Krapps Last Tape"

Meet two more artists for our fall residency

Imani Mixon

Imani Mixon was born and raised at the magnetic center of the world’s cultural compass — Detroit, Michigan. She is a long-form storyteller who is inspired by everyday griots who bear witness to their surroundings and report it back out. Equal parts urgent and essential, her multimedia work centers the experiences of Black women and independent artists. Attending the Creekside Artist Residency will mark her transition into fiction.


Julia Synneve

Julia Synneve says, “I’m an environmentalist and believe in bringing art and science together to promote important messages to the world. Art is a great way to communicate ideas in a fresh context – a way to “break the ice” and educate viewers without having to read data sheets and textbooks; offering new perspectives to contemplate, debate, and inspire. My goal is to capture different aspects of nature, ecology, philosophy and psychology and encourage a craving to pursue these subjects further. The more we learn about ecology and nature, the more likely we are to care for its survival. The more we explore the realm of the psyche, the better we understand ourselves as individuals and how we relate to the world around us.


Self-guided residencies and retreats

Our self-guided residencies continue to attract artists and writers. We provide a space for them to focus on their work and an opportunity to share a bit with the community. For an application, please email us at


Heather Moody was our most recent artist doing a self-guided residency here at Creekside Arts..

Originally from Alabama, Heather now calls California home. After receiving a BFA in theatre and dance, she performed and toured with the B Street Theatre in Sacramento and worldwide with the Satin Dollz. She’s been quietly pursuing writing for many years, primarily poetry and screenwriting. She is especially interested in telling women’s stories—in all their authentic, messy, mysterious ways—and in exploring the implications of being alive at this time. Human relationships, psychology, and the natural world are her most explored themes. Her writing is a witness for anyone who has been simultaneously confounded and awestruck by the act of moving through this life.

Heather Anne Moody (@hambonethegreat) • Instagram photos and videos 

Things I’ve Tried
by Heather Moody

I have run away, ducking like a child
wriggling from
an adult’s

I have lit a candle for a day, burning it all the way
to charred wick,
to release

Have you ever tried to run
in the ocean?
You can’t.

–Heather Moody

Krapp's Last Tape by Samuel Beckett

We love collaborating with other arts organizations in Humboldt County.  Creekside Arts successfully co-produced Krapp’s Last Tape, a play by Samuel Beckett, with EXIT Theatre in Arcata. EXIT theatre and Creekside Arts look forward to future creative collaborations.


Creekside Arts is  designed and created to bring together artistic residencies, workshops and performances. Our goal is to create an environment in which creative artists and audiences interact in a positive and structured way to learn from and inform each other and then bring that learning into the larger Humboldt community. To that end Creekside Arts is committed to equity and welcomes people from diverse cultures, backgrounds and experiences.