Support Creekside Arts in our mission to foster the arts and community in Humboldt County.


Our work here at Creekside Arts depends on an ongoing collaboration with the greater Humboldt community. An integral part of our mission is to bring artists and audiences together in a healing natural setting. Our workshops, performances and residencies are all committed to that interaction. In the spirit of that commitment, we ask for your support by encouraging you to become a member of the Creekside Arts Community. We invite you to choose an amount that is meaningful for you.

Membership Benefits

  • Creekside Arts Members will have first reservation opportunities to all our events. Many of our poetry and theatre performances have limited seating possibilities. Our workshops also have limited access. A Creekside Arts Membership will assure you early notice and early reservation opportunities.
  • Coming soon for members: events free to Creekside Arts members and will include conversations with directors, actors, artists, and other guests. We hope these  will energize and deepen your Creekside Arts experience.

As an Ink People DreamMaker project we qualify as a 501 C.


Your Gift helps Creekside Arts bring artists from all over the world to Humboldt County, helps sponsor workshops and provides performance possibilities for local theatre and poetry folk.

With the help of friends like you, Creekside Arts has and will continue to:

  • Hold fall and spring art residencies. Artists will live and work at Creekside Arts for three weeks. They and their artistic endeavors will interact with the larger Humboldt Arts Community.
  • Hold a series of workshops, providing both potential workshop leaders and participants the opportunity to explore the unique nature of the arts in Humboldt County.
  • Hold small intimate performances on both the Greenhouse Stage and in the Studio providing local poets and performers with unique performance venues.

How to sponsor

As an Ink People DreamMaker project, we qualify as a 501 C.

Make your check out to “Ink People (for Creekside Arts)”  and mail to Creekside Arts, 475 Howard Hts Rd., Eureka CA 95503. 
Or click the button to make a donation. 

Your sponsorship keeps the arts vibrant at Creekside Arts and through Humboldt County. Thank you!


Your time is valuable! We are always looking for volunteers to assist in helping with our programs. Whether you take tickets, usher, check Covid vaccination cards or help run a workshop, your help is appreciated. If you have the time and the inclination to volunteer with one of the various Creekside Arts projects let us know.

CLICK HERE to become a Creekside Arts Volunteer and we will let you know how you can help.