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Over the years, the members of Creekside Arts have come together to host events that focus on the arts and that support community, family and friends.

Our 2nd Annual Mothers Day festival
at Creekside Arts

Creekside Arts invites you!

Creekside Arts in Bloom on Mother’s Day
Sunday May 12, 2024

Once again we will fill the Creekside Garden and suroundings with art, music, poetry and storytelling by local performers and artists. Art activities for young artists with Ben Selman. A buffet of snacks and drinks to please everyone!

Creekside Arts Garden, in Freshwater, California.
Free admission.
Everyone is welcome–See you there!

Marceau Verdiere
Gallery Marceau

April 20-21
Artist Talk Sunday at 2pm

Artist Talk

Creekside Arts’ own Marceau Verdiere will present his exhibit “The Itoshima paintings”. These works were created in Itoshima Japan while Marceau was an artist in residence at Studio Kura, in February of 2024. A Victor Jacoby Award recipient, Marceau went to Japan to gain a deeper understanding of the Japanese Aesthetic philosophy of Wabi Sabi. The works presented are translations of his learning and reflections of his time there.

You can listen to Marceau talk about these paintings  on Art Attitude with Wendy Butler by clicking below. 


Waiting for Godot

After more than a year of the Covid pandemic, Creekside Arts started rehearsals for their production of ‘Waiting for Godot.’ Then, after several Covid-caused postponments, Godot finally saw the light in December of 2021 at the new Synapsis in Eureka, California. With its production of ‘Waiting for Godot,’ Creekside Arts raised over $2,600 to help wih the continued renovation of the Eureka Synpasis space. 


Spilled Popcorn and Sticky Cotton Candy

Written and performed by Calder Bullwinkle, this solo show found itself being performed on several of Creekside Arts stages. Calder went on to perform his show in Eureka’s inaugural fringe festival.


The Duck Variations

David Mamet’s play became the first production to be staged on Creekside Arts’ Greenhouse Stage. John Heckel and Arnold Wadell gave life to Mamet’s elder spokesmen.


The Crack of the Butterfly's Tongue

The first production in Creekside Arts’ Indoor Studio was Ryan McCutchan’s The Crack of the Butterfly’s Tongue. Ryan both wrote and performed this one-man show. The show was also later performed at the local Universal Unitarian Fellowship in Arcata, California. 


Poetry, Music, Readings and More

Creekside Arts’ performance spaces are continually used by local Humboldt County poets and musicians. Visiting artists and authors have also found appreciative audiences for their new work.