Lead, participate and learn at our workshops set in a retreat setting in the Redwoods just 10 minutes from town.

Environmental Art

with Lucy Wright Rivers

  • July 16
  • 10am-12pm and 1pm-4pm
  • $30 fee
  • Two sessions a day: morning and afternoon.
  • Morning at the grounds of Creekside Arts, afternoon along the logging road in the redwoods.
  • Participants: no more than 10

Morning Session
Discussion of and experimentation with conceptual aspects of responding creatively to the environment, using materials found on site to create lines and forms. There will be demonstrations of hand construction techniques for use in the manipulation of live plants, for example braiding.

Afternoon Session
In the Redwoods, exploring individual projects/responses to that more wild,/less ordered environment…Projects will be up to the participants and might include the use of piling sticks, braiding and/or twisting living plants, etching into road-cuts or stumps, rearranging rocks/gravel along the road.

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What do you want to teach? What do you want to learn? How do you want to share? Photography, portraiture, ceramics, dance, theatre, poetry: we offer workshops run by experienced creative minds in a community that gives to the land we all share.  


Participants can make themselves at home on the Creekside Arts grounds and gardens.

For workshops, our airy greenhouse offers natural light while our indoor studio is spacious with wooden floors and French doors to the Redwoods. 

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