March 2022 - Artist Profiles, Poetry Night, Workshop: Landscaping with Native Plants, Spring Fling

They will be here before we know it!  Six (or maybe even 7) artists will show up for our  Spring Artist in Residence program  starting May 15th. They come ready to collaborate and deveop new works to share with the community and beyond. This month we introduce you to two more. We received applications from amazing, highly qualified photographers, musicians, painters, poets, sculptors and performance artists. After hours of screening and interviewing applicants, we narrowed the list to the six who will join us in May. Kudos to Tanya Bullwinkle, who led the process.
Meet two of them this month!

Rhombie Sandoval

Rhombie Sandoval  is a photographer and storyteller currently residing in Southern California. Her entry into photography started after receiving a camera as a gift from the Make A Wish Foundation, a gesture arranged on her behalf due to being born with heart disease. With the camera, Sandoval realized she could navigate her shyness and connect with people using the camera as a tool to understand various vantage points, searching for and highlighting the common themes linked to one’s identity and location. Sandoval later studied Photography at Art Center College of Design. She is also the founder of Anywhere Blvd, a platform which features portrait photographers by promoting the narratives of their subjects.

Instagram: @rhombie
Curating >Anywhere Blvd

Andie Aylsworth

Andie Aylsworth Andie Aylsworth is a London-based multidisciplinary installation artist. Born in Miami, Florida, and raised by an Ecuadorian mother and English/Venezuelan father, Aylsworth learned a deep respect for nature from an early age, growing up in an urban landscape nestled between the vast natural beauty of the Everglades to the west and the Atlantic coast to the east. As a result of her upbringing, Aylsworth infuses her art practice with environmental curiosity. At the center of her work is a fascination with humankind’s relationship with the injured environment and she takes inspiration from the cohesion found between nature and humanity in indigenous cultures, especially her own as a descendent of the Quechua people of present-day Ecuador. Aylsworth is currently studying at Central Saint Martins College, London, where she has been exposed to new modes of making such as welding and different textile practices. She also works with International Curators Forum as a curation and installation assistant, working with different artists and artworks based on the diasporic experience. She has exhibited work internationally at institutions including Tate Collective, the National Gallery, and LUVA Gallery.


First Annual Creekside Arts Spring Fling!

  • Showcasing Creekside Arts
  • Live theater, winetasting, poetry, live music
  • Preview Artist in Residence program
  • Tours of Creekside Arts campus
By invitation only. Please email for more information.

Upcoming Workshop: Landscaping with Native Plants

With Shayda and Kipp
April.9, 1:00-3:00,
$10 donation at the gate

Contact for more information


Creekside Arts is  designed and created to bring together artistic residencies, workshops and performances. Our goal is to create an environment in which creative artists and audiences interact in a positive and structured way to learn from and inform each other and then bring that learning into the larger Humboldt community. To that end Creekside Arts is committed to equity and welcomes people from diverse cultures, backgrounds and experiences.